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GENOMAS BRASIL - The Brazilian National Program of Genomic and Precision Medicine

It was recently published by the Brazilian Health Ministry an amending of the Ministerial Ordinance Nº 5 that institutes the National Program for Genomics and Precision Health - Genomas Brasil Program under the SUS – Sistema Unificado de Saúde (Unified Health System).

The Genomas Brasil Program is a science, technology and innovation program that aims to encourage national scientific and technological development in the areas of genomics and precision health; promote the development of the national genomic industry; and establish proof of concept for a line of care in genomics and precision health within the scope of SUS.

There are some clearly defined objectives for the Genomas Brasil Program as:

- establish the reference genome of the Brazilian population.

- institute a national database of genomic and clinical data.

- promote the increase of the installed scientific capacity and of the national intellectual capital in genomic medicine and precision health.

- promote the strengthening and competitiveness of the national industry of inputs and products of genomic medicine and precision health.

- train the SUS workforce in genomic medicine and precision health.

The financing sources for the execution of the Genomas Brasil Program were already stablisehd and may include budgetary allocations fromthe Ministry of Health in the Union's Annual Budget Law (LOA), funds from parliamentary amendment to budgetary bills for public health actions and services, resources from the Ministry of Health's tax waiver programs and funds from other entities participating in the Program's actions.

The Ministry of Health may enter into agreements and partnerships with national or international bodies and entities, public or private, for technical cooperation or financial support.

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